Saturday, January 28, 2017

March for Life 2017

Another great March for Life this year. It is such a joyous (and important) day. A bunch of folks from my church went and I met friends from all over the country as well. Notice all that different states represented . . .

Here are some pictures:

Young ladies from my church with a friend they met at a Higher Things conference from Illinois.

GMU student and organizer of our campus ministry Bible study there, with another wonderful lady from my church.

LCMS President Harrison leading us in prayer before the March.

More folks (two wonderful families) from my church.
They let their kids have off from school to come to his great learning experience!

Dr. Wenthe, past president of our Ft. Wayne seminary (Indiana), and Pastor Linthicum from Maryland.

Pastor Beinke from Connecticut (a friend of mine when I was in NY and now my sister's pastor).

Pastor Zill, head of our Synod's LCMSU program (lives in New Mexico).

Folks from my church again . . . :-)

Pastor Grewe from New Jersey (who I had the privilege of installing this past summer).

Pastor Shultanis, a neighboring pastor.

Nancy Nus, a good friend from Wyoming.

Pastor Lange, president of the Kansas District (and my Greek teacher at seminary when he was a graduate student).

Pastor Espinosa from California and adjunct professor at Concordia, Irvine.

Pastor Jagow, another neighboring pastor from here in Virginia (I also knew him in NY).

Peter, who I got to know as a student at Patrick Henry college, and who is now at Concordia, Seward (Nebraska) studying to be a Lutheran school teacher.

So how many states is that? And I didn't even get all the pictures I wanted (my pastor friend from Michigan, another state, for example).

It's easy for me to go, living right here in Washington, but for all these folks to come from all over the country is something pretty special. So come next year! It really is a wonderful time and important to keep standing up and speaking up for life. (And you might just get an attractive lime green hat!)

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