Saturday, July 2, 2016

Higher Things - Day 4 and the Ride Home

Well, the last day of Higher Things means wrapping up, packing, Matins, one final plenary, and one final Divine Service. So first, some fun at breakfast:

Higher Things potatoes!

Last morning grogginess.

During the week, all the groups were divided up into four teams to compete against each other for points. You could get points for sending in evaluations, winning free time activities, lots of ways. The four groups were named after the four living creatures of Revelation 4, which also represent the four Evangelists. We (the only church from Virginia!) were place into team Bos, the Ox. And during the announcements before the last plenary, lookie who won . . .

And below, some other conference information:

Then after lunch, packing, and loading the car, it was the closing Divine Service, at which my daughter played the violin.

Then time to start the drive home. We try to go a good way Friday night and so not leave too much left for Saturday. Well, being a holiday weekend, both times had plenty of traffic. We didn't get to bed until about 1 am on Friday night / Saturday morning, and then up and on the road again by 8:30. Finally landed home at 3 pm.

While in Tennessee, we saw this sign. They just have a way of saying things in the South!

And how tired? This tired!

But that means it was a good week! Lots of worship, lots of learning, lots of fun, but not a lot of sleep. There'll be time to catch up on that later. :-)

Next year, it looks like North Carolina for us - a bit closer to home! Looking forward to it already . . .

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Mary Piazza said...

Hey pastor, I also went to Higher Things and I was on Bos as well. While i was at higher things I met Destry(i think that's his name) and he gave me an email but it sent me an error message right after i sent it, so rather than him thinking i ignored him please tell him to email me at Thank you for all of the work you do as a pastor! i have looked over your blog and I really enjoy the way you word things and make them clear.
Thanks, Mary Piazza