Thursday, June 11, 2015

I'm Back!

Hi all. (Or maybe it's both of you!) Been of the blogging air for a couple of weeks - not traveling, just busy and hunkering down a little bit. I'll try to get caught up on some things . . .

First of all, marked 20 years of marriage with my bride a couple of weeks ago. Had a very nice day out. Went to a museum-estate in DC in the afternoon, followed by a nice seafood dinner near the White House, and then a stroll around as the sun set, including seeing a new memorial, the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. As memorials go, I thought it was a very good one. If you're in DC, make sure you go and see it.

It was a nice day for I don't think we've had that much time by ourselves, just the two of us, for a very long time! We did take a selfie . . .

I know, it's not very good - I haven't had much practice with selfies. We wanted to get the Capitol Dome in the background, so I succeeded in that at least!

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