Friday, January 16, 2015

You Must . . . But Can't

So I get a letter from my accountant telling me that we're required to file IRS form 1095-B this year to be in compliance with Obamacare. Sigh. Fine. Whatever. More paperwork. I go to the IRS web site but guess what? They do not have a non-draft 1095-B available! There is a draft version, but they also very clearly tell you in large capital letters NOT to file that form. So, I am required to file a form that is not available. Great. Thanks for the bang up job, IRS! (How hard do they have to make this?)

PS Can we get this thing repealed soon? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Get a new accountant ... PER HR Block, 1095-B is NOT required to file tax year 2014 taxes now in 2015 ... it will be required to file tax year 2015 taxes in 2016.

Pastor Peasant said...

No, I'll stick with my accountant. :-) Obamacare is a constantly shifting target. But I will ask her about this!