Sunday, June 1, 2014

Why I Don't Trust the Dealer

So I have a recall repair for my Toyota van. I take it to the dealer and figure while it is there, I will have them look at something else as well. The switch that controls the power side view mirrors fell back into the dashboard. So I ask them to pull it out and give me an estimate to remount it. They tell me they cannot remount it - something is broken and they will need to buy a whole new switch at a cost of approximately $200. Well, just leave it hanging outside the dash, I said. At least I can use it that way. They still changed me $35 for that!

So another week or so later, I take the van in to my usual mechanic for an oil change and for him to check something else out. When I go back at the end of the day to pick it up, lo and behold, even though I did not ask him to do it, the switch is remounted in the dash! And for no charge. So, that is why I do not trust anything my Toyota dealer says to me. Sad.

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