Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Must Eliminate the Cross

"We must eliminate the cross.  . . .  The bearer of the cross is America."

While showering and listening to the news this morning that is the quote I heard, spoken by one of Al Qaeda's leaders. When the announcer asked his guest, a so-called terrorism expert, on the meaning of that phrase, he would say nothing about Christianity or Islam - only that they are threatening America.


Why can people not speak the obvious? Why can they not acknowledge the persecution of Christians and the destruction of churches in these lands? Why can they not speak the truth? That what is going on is not just anti-Americanism, it is anti-Christianity. That is the enemy of these folks.

Perhaps some will say this is a figure of speech, that one must "bear one's cross." That it is used as a figure of speech I acknowledge. But it does come from the New Testament, and do you really think an Islamist group would use a Christian figure of speech like this? Highly improbable!

The humorous thing in all this is, they still consider America a "Christian nation." I know there are reasons for this in their theology, but honestly, really? I'll leave that debate for another day, but here's the whole story below. I could not find it on that radio station's web site, but found a similar article on the NY Post web site and copied it - because I would not be surprised at all to find this line excised from the reports later. I wanted to make sure I captured it. So below is their story with not additions or deletions (bolding emphasis mine):

This gathering in the desert is no Coachella — it looks more like a full-scale Allah-palooza.

A new video popping up on jihadi Web sites shows some of al Qaeda’s most dangerous terrorists smiling and glad-handing each other at a terrorist conclave in Yemen, CNN reported.

The video, which features al Qaeda crown prince ­Nasir al-Wuhayshi addressing more than 100 fellow terrorists in the arid hinterlands, is being analyzed by US authorities.

It was unclear if the CIA was aware of the conference, which could have been an inviting target for an anti-terror drone strike, CNN said.

Al-Wuhayshi, the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, at the meeting delivers a rousing speech to jihadists, clearly aiming his rage at the United States.

“We must eliminate the cross,” al-Wuhayshi says. “The bearer of the cross is America!”

The notorious terror master walks around with a swagger that shows an apparent lack of concern about the possibility of a drone strike, CNN said.

The video popped up ­recently on the Web, and US officials and terrorism experts said they believe it’s authentic.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is considered the most dangerous al Qaeda affiliate and is a constant target of US drone strikes.

US officials would not comment to CNN about the video.

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