Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow! and Happy Birthday

Last week we got some more snow, I think almost a foot. I like living in a place where there are four season and having snow in the wintertime. Though I must say that I was very grateful for my son who helped me shovel out! The snow was pretty wet and heavy, but we got it all done, and then had time to build a snowman, who turned out pretty good, I think!

We also built a snowdog (a snowman's best friend!), and if you look closely you can see him just a little in front of his snowmaster.  :-)

In other news, today is my daughter Sarah's birthday. She turns 16 today! So Happy Birthday! I'm proud of you and love you very much.

More news: I already reported that my son had been accepted into one college - last week he received another acceptance letter, from Old Dominion in Norfolk, VA. So he's two-for-two so far! Now we're waiting to hear from the other three schools he applied to, and then we'll try to figure out how to pay for it!

And finally, I received a phone call this week from a long lost friend, the Very Rev. Gerald Sudick, the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church across the street from me when I was in New York. He finally retired and moved down close to me. So one day soon we will get together, enjoy a bottle of wine, and talk about old times.

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