Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning Coffee

Well, most of the Christmas hubbub is past. Things are settling down a bit and I am looking forward to getting a lot done these next two months, especially with regard to my schoolwork. Some thoughts on this Monday morn . . .

+ My Eagles made the playoffs! Quite an exciting game last night as they beat the Cowboys 24-22. They are a fun team to watch and their game against the Saints on Saturday night should be good. Lots of good, young players too. Hopefully that means many more years of success.  :-)

+ New Years Eve tomorrow night. I'm not a party sort of guy. We will have an Evening Prayer for the Close of the Year, and then I am thinking of lighting a fire and doing a puzzle with my wife. A nice, quiet, relaxing evening. (And yes, it will be our first fire in our new house! I've never had a fireplace before and we had a chimney sweep come over to clean it out, check it out, and educate me on its use.)

+ Christmas services were again small and intimate this year. Here in the DC area, most people are from somewhere else, so the place empties out this time of year. I know it, but I don't think I will ever get used to it.

+ We got some good games for Christmas! One is called Telestrations, which is like the game "telephone" (passing a message down a line of people) but with drawing. Hilarious! Produced some really funny interpretations and laughs. The other was called Perpetual Commotion, a card game where everyone is trying to get rid of their cards at the same time. Lots of fun. Can get rough. But you can change the rules slightly here and there to make it even. We played these a lot. Good times.

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