Tuesday, July 9, 2013

VBS Day 1 and Housing News

Well, the first day of Vacation Bible School is in the books. It was a good day. In the past, the kids are usually very calm and mild mannered the first couple of days, and then when they get used to things and get warmed up, the last few days are much more raucous. But this year, they started right in! So it was a fun day.

We're using the Higher Things package "From Above." It is affordable (only $75 and reproducible) and well done. The kids can easily understand the different directions - we can't go up to God, God comes down to us from above. So I'd recommend it to others, especially if you have a small VBS. Here's a couple of pictures from day 1 of the kids building their "Tower of Babels" from sugar wafers, graham crackers, and chocolate icing!

In other news, our realtor made our house listing "active" Saturday around 1 pm. That same day we had three folks come to look at the house! Sunday we had 6-7, and Monday a couple more. Today, one is scheduled so far. Last night we received one offer, which we'll talk over with the realtor today. So things are moving, at least on the selling side. Now we just need to find one to buy that is big enough and suits our needs. We'll be looking at one today right after VBS . . .

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