Sunday, May 19, 2013

Back From Florida

I was down in Florida for part of last week attending The Lutheran Haven Board of Trustees meetings. The Haven is an Adult Care Community (independent living cottages, assisted living facility, nursing home, and other assorted buildings and services) that my District owns and operates. I am serving my first term as Trustee. It has been a very interesting experience so far as the Haven is going through a time of much transition - a new CEO was hired in the Fall, and a building program is now beginning. The Haven is now 65 years old, which we commemorated last week. Here is the homily I preached for that. These trips always take some steam out of me.

What is also happening is that we are moving forward and accelerating plans to move my father down here with us. We're looking into various options, but (right now) it looks like the most likely is for him to move in with us. What that means is that we need to move into a bigger house to accommodate him. The Lord (and my congregation!) has been very good to us and so we can afford to do so, it's just going to be a LOT of upset preparing our current house to sell, looking for a new one that will suit our needs, and moving, all while working on school stuff, church stuff, and the various summer activities that come along - including trips! (I get tired just thinking about it!) It will be a relief when it's all done.

So, a full summer ahead!

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