Monday, December 17, 2012


The President spoke at an interfaith prayer service in Newtown, CT last night, and in his remarks said that he would use whatever power his office held to protect the lives of our children. Really? I wish it were so. But the reality is that millions of our children will continue to be slaughtered while still in the womb, and our President will support it and advance it, even requiring health insurers to pay for it.

Here is an interesting reflection on our society becoming more and more violent. Something to think about, pray about, and repent about. This isn't finger-pointing; none of us are guiltless. But it is because of just such times and events that we have Advent - that we await our Saviour who came to redeem us, who comes now to forgive us, and who is coming again to take us home. Come, Lord Jesus! And until then, help us to protect and value ALL human life.

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