Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Back, Part II

Traveling to Florida one day after returning home from vacation was difficult, but it was good. I traveled down for my first meeting of the Lutheran Haven Board of Trustees, of which I am the newest member. It was a more intense and vigorous meeting than I expected. Lots of important decisions being discusses at this time including the hiring of a new CEO and redevelopment. I was impressed by the people on the Board - some of which I knew and some which I did not know. They knowledge and passion was evident, and they were not afraid to speak and make their opinions known! I felt like kind of an outsider, listening in and trying to catch up on things. So I kept silently mostly, and listened a lot, offering my 2 cents only now and then.

Got home Friday night and then Saturday was spent preparing for the Divine Service. It was good to be back with my flock. I've said it before, but I'm always amazed at how just two weeks away makes my voice weaker. Not terribly so. No one else probably noticed. But I can notice. Now, lots of phone calls to make and e-mails to write and get caught up on things and get the ball rolling for all the Fall activities at church!

In other news, my flight to Florida was on jetBlue - I highly recommend them! They were cheap, but they have the most legroom of any plane I have flown on. I chose a middle seat for both flights just so I could be closer to the front of the plane and get off quicker (I hate waiting forever to get out of the plane)! But it was quite comfortable! My knees didn't hit the seat in from of me, and it seemed wider to me as well. I will definitely use them on all my trips to Florida now! They also have free TVs at every seat, so you can watch stuff. I didn't - had plenty along to read, but nice to have the option.

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