Monday, July 9, 2012

VBS, Day 1

Well, it was an interesting morning at VBS! We did not get many registrations from outside the congregation this year, so we were planning on a pretty small group. But that's okay - whoever the Lord leads to us we'll teach and care for. Well, some of the children arrived and asked "Can my friends come?" (Of course!) Then a couple of children who attended two years ago showed up (unannounced and unregistered) with their cousin (c'mon in!). So we wound up with about twice as many as we were expecting! That meant we were short on some materials, but adapted everywhere else. But what a good and pleasant problem to have!

What added to our challenge this year was the presence of two young ladies from Iran who do not speak much English. Actually, we found out, very little English. But whoever the Lord leads to us . . . ! So after the opening, I made a phone call to one of my members whose father is Iranian and who can still speak some Farsi which he learned as a youth, and he came and translated for them. As soon as he came in and began speaking, big smiles broke out and their eyes lit up! It was great. How many folks have someone who actually speaks Farsi in their congregation? Think the Lord's hand had anything to do with this?  :-)

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds . . .

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