Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama & Health, Part 2

Well, when is an "accommodation" not an accommodation? When is a "compromise" not a compromise? When it comes to Obama's Health Care mandate to religious organizations to cover "Women's Health Care," abortions. I watched his announcement on Friday and thought to myself, "That solves nothing." And it truly doesn't. For example, my church body has its own health insurance. So, when he says that churches will not have to pay, but the insurance companies still will, how does this help us? And church bodies like ours? It doesn't. Even if we had a separate insurance company, we would still have to pay them to give the coverage to others. It's all a shell game. Even though many in the media hailed this compromise from Obama, the lawsuits and battles will continue. Nothing has changed.

I had taken comfort in our plan being "grandfathered," but apparently that is only until 2015 or until *any* change is made to the plan. So the problem is still there. Continue to keep this in your prayers - there is much at stake here for all churches fighting for the sanctity of life.

Also, there *was* a petition on the White House web site to sign protesting this action. It looks like they have closed the petition since they believe Obama has answered it and therefore it is not needed anymore. Go to and check for a new petition to be posted there about this and sign it. Keep letting your voice be heard!

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