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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Two items about preaching:

First, Issues, Etc chose my sermon from this past Sunday (Advent 1) for their "Sermon critique" segment on Monday. Happily, they did not equate it to something from Joel Osteen! Besides being quite humbled and honored at their selection, I think even more it shows that it must have been a slow weekend for sermons being posted . . .  :-)

Second, check out this post by Pastor Hans Fiene. He addresses the topic of predictability in preaching. Is predictability good or bad? His take is quite interesting. Take a look and post a comment.


Anonymous said...


You are predictably humble.

No, it was not a "a slow weekend for sermons being posted" that led Issues, Etc. to use you sermon ... It is our good and gracious God in a small way recognizing a faithful servant of His Word for your work in His Kingdom.

The Lord has given you the ability and gift of writing sermons that clearly point us to our sins and then to the forgiveness that is ours through the perfect life, death, resurrection, ascension and eventual return of our Savior Jesus Christ and to His gifts of Word, Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

With the help and guidance only God can give, continue preaching Law and Gospel, sin and grace to His flock in Vienna as will as through out the world!

Well done thou good and faithful servant!

Anonymous said...

Listen to Issues Etc program segment

or without interruptions

or on I-tunes at Issues Etc and/or Saint Athanasius, Vienna, VA

... along with many more Christ focused sermons.