Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Morning Coffee

Some reading and thoughts for you:

(1.) A good editorial about the death of Steve Jobs by Pastor William Cwirla. He's a great writer. Go read this because it's not really about Steve Jobs.

(2.) I have great sadness over the sale of University Lutheran Chapel (ULC) at the University of Minnesota by the Minnesota South district. I have never been to ULC, but know its current pastor, its previous pastor, and many pastors who were students and members there. The loss of this building will not stop the ministry there, but will make it much harder. (I know - we are trying to do campus ministry without a building!) What a prime location they had! I hope it can still be saved, but am not optimistic.

But what bothers me most of all is this line in the notification of the sale: "The Mission Committee's strategy also provides opportunities for additional LCMS congregations to conduct campus ministry on the U of M campus . . ." That - it seems to me - gives some insight into the motive for the sale. I know motives are hard to judge, and it is dangerous to do so, but it is difficult for me to put a good construction on that sentence. Read the whole document here, which includes Pastor Kind's commentary.

(3.) The Supreme Court case that involves an LCMS congregation was heard on Wednesday. I read the transcript and it seemed to me that the lawyers on both sides of the issue were having trouble explaining and defining their positions. I think the justices were too, and were searching for a place to stand for their decision! Then I read this summary of the case, which seems to agree with my observations! At this point, it seems to me unlikely that the court would rule against the church, but I'm no lawyer! We'll see.

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