Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from Vacation

Well, we're back from vacation. It was a good two weeks. Shut my brain down. Saw and heard very little news - world, national, or sports. Had no idea what was going on with the debt ceiling debate in Washington, no news of the NFL lockout, no knowledge of how my Phillies were doing - nothun'! Just times with my family sightseeing, playing, going to the beach, swimming, and relaxing. It was very, very nice.

What is hard, then, is getting my brain to turn back on when I get home! The first Sunday back is always a struggle. That, and it always seems like my voice isn't as strong after a couple of weeks off. I'm not sure that's really so, but it seems that way. But it always good to be back with my flock and see them again, even though I know they were in good hands while I was away.

I am feeling pretty good now, though, and ready to dive back into things and get some things accomplished . . . which is good, for I have a LOT that needs to get done! I'll post some pictures from the vacation soon, when I get them on my computer.

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