Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the Road

Been a few days since I last posted . . .

I'm up in Pennsylvania for a few days at a pastoral conference. Since starting school again, I have not had many opportunities to spend time with my brothers in office, so its good to be here with them. Although, being a bit northeast of Bethlehem, its entirely too cold! I did not bring my winter jacket.

The hotel is nice, but I found when they try to get too trendy, they actually decline. So it is with this one. The coffee maker in my room doesn't work, I cannot figure out how to turn on the desk lamp (!), one of the locks on the door is broken . . . nothing major, just annoying.

The conference started yesterday at lunch. I had the afternoon to present on Luther and the Catholic Controversialists and the battles waged between 1517 and 1521. It went pretty well. I was not as smooth as I would have hoped, but the brothers were engaged, had some good discussions, and appreciated the presentation. I guess that's all I could ask for.

Good stuff: I get to listen to some sermon studies today. I got to sit down with some vicars yesterday and talk a bit. Divine Service tonight. We have the afternoon off, but I have to do homework for my classes on Thursday.

Well, time to go get some coffee!

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