Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Living in DC and having to listen to insufferable Redskins fans all year round (yes, all year round!), last night's 59-28 shellacking by my Eagles is extra sweet. I will enjoy listening to their whining, especially all the questions that have arisen concerning Donovan McNabb. They are discovering what we Eagles fans have had to put up with for 11 years - yes, he is a good quarterback and leader and will make some spectacular plays, but he will also throw many should-be-easy-completions into the ground. And while he was an upgrade from your previous quarterbacks, did you really think you were getting a Pro Bowl quarterback for a second round pick? Like it or not, the Eagles knew what they were doing when they traded him to you. But hey, at least you're above the Cowboys!

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TeeJay said...

As a Steelers fan, I can feel for the Eagles fans... well, ALMOST!