Friday, September 10, 2010

An Inside Glimpse

Ever wonder what out synodical president does? What does his office look like? It seems that our new president, Matthew Harrison, is making a concerted effort to show what is happening in his office. One of his assistants, Rev. Dr. Al Collver, is making many pictures and explanation available on his blog. Here are some of the posts:

I think this kind of glimpse into the workings of the "synod" is helpful and will help to build trust in our church body. It has been long known that giving to the synod is down - perhaps because no one knew where all that money was going and for what? We heard where the money was not going, but not the other stuff. To be able to see this and know our president better is a good thing.

As for the orientation theme: "Witness, Mercy, and Life Together," what do you think? I think you'll see this showing up a lot . . . like as the theme for the next convention! This replaces Dr. Kieschnick's "One Mission, One Message, One People" theme.

My first impression is favorable. It seems wider than Dr. Kieschnick's. It seems to take into account our congregational structure as well as our life together as a synod. I am not surprised that "mercy" is in it, given Harrison's work for the last 10 years. It will be interesting to see what our president does with this now and for the years to come.

One last thing: although President Harrison officially took office on September 1st, his service of installation is tomorrow, Saturday, September 11th, at 10:00 am CT. You can watch the live internet stream here.

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